Furminator Deshedding Tool Review: Say Goodbye to the Furry Frenzy!

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If you’re a pet parent like me, you’re probably all too familiar with the relentless shedding of your furry friends. Between Carl, my endearing long-haired Shih-Tzu, and Willow, my fluffy Maine Coon cat, I’ve had my fair share of grooming challenges. Enter the Furminator Deshedding Tool, a product that has been nothing short of a game-changer in my pet care routine.

An image of my Shih-Tzu, Carl and Maine Coon, Willow.
Carl and Willow – The two resident terrors!

The Furminator Deshedding Tool for Different Pet Breeds

When I first purchased the Furminator, one of my primary concerns was whether it would be gentle enough for both Carl and Willow’s distinct coats. I’m happy to report that this tool has exceeded my expectations. It smoothly navigates through Carl’s silky Shih-Tzu hair and Willow’s dense Maine Coon coat, effectively reducing their shedding.

Price and Value

At $40, the Furminator Deshedding Tool might seem a bit steep. However, consider the value you’re getting for that price. For one, it does an excellent job of deshedding. Plus, it’s currently on sale for 50% off on Amazon—a deal that’s hard to pass up.

In comparison, grooming sessions at a professional pet salon can run anywhere from $50-$100 per pet, depending on their size and coat type. By investing in the Furminator, I’ve significantly cut down on my visits to the groomer, saving me both time and money in the long run.

Personal Experience with the Furminator Deshedding Tool

When I first introduced the Furminator to Carl and Willow, they were understandably a little timid. But as I gently started combing, they began to warm up to it. Now, they seem to enjoy their grooming sessions, often purring or wagging their tails in contentment.

The transformation in their coats has been remarkable. Willow, who was once prone to hairballs, has had fewer of them since I started using the Furminator. As for Carl, his coat is shinier and healthier, with much less shedding on our furniture and clothes.

Comparing with Other Grooming Tools

I’ve tried several grooming tools over the years, but none have matched the Furminator’s effectiveness. Other brushes would often skim the surface, failing to remove the loose undercoat. The Furminator, on the other hand, reaches deep under the pet’s topcoat to remove loose hair efficiently.

It’s not just the deshedding capabilities that set the Furminator apart. The ergonomic design makes it comfortable to hold during lengthy grooming sessions, and the FURejector button, which releases collected hair with ease, is a definite plus.

First Time Use

If you decide to try the Furminator, remember to be patient. Introduce the tool gently to your pets, allowing them to sniff it first. Start with short sessions, gradually increasing as your pets become more comfortable.

Take note of your pet’s reactions during the grooming process. If they show any signs of discomfort, make sure you’re not pressing too hard. The tool should glide smoothly over their coat without causing any discomfort.

Furminator Deshedding Tool Review

Furminator Deshedding Tool

Tony Simons

The Furminator Deshedding Tool (device)
Deshedding Tool for dogs with long hair
Ease of Use


The Furminator Deshedding Tool is a bit on the pricey side, but it’s a super effective tool for managing your furry friend’s shedding. I definitely recommend this product for parents of pets with long hair. It does exactly what it promises to do!



In summary, the Furminator Deshedding Tool has been a valuable addition to my pet care toolkit. Not only has it made grooming Carl and Willow more manageable, but it has also improved their coat health and reduced shedding around the house.

Whether you’re a multi-pet household like mine or a single pet parent looking to simplify your grooming routine, I believe the Furminator Deshedding Tool offers great value. It’s effective, versatile, and comfortable to use, providing noticeable results with regular use.

Of course, every pet is unique, and what works for Carl and Willow might not work for all. But given the current sale on Amazon, now might be a great time to give the Furminator a try and see the results for yourself.

I’d love to hear from other pet parents. Have you tried the Furminator Deshedding Tool? What has your experience been like? Or perhaps you have another grooming tool to recommend? Drop your thoughts in the comments section below. Here’s to happier, healthier pets and a less furry home!

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