Slipknot’s ‘Death March’: A Haunting Evolution and a Band in Flux

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Slipknot, the band known for its enigmatic presence and heavy music, has once again left its fans in a state of bewilderment with the release of their new song “Death March” and its accompanying video. Yesterday’s news of the departure of Craig Jones, a.k.a. Pinhead, was a shock to the system for many fans, myself included. His exit, shrouded in the band’s characteristic secrecy, leaves us with more questions than answers. And then, the post was deleted, making this all the more of a head-scratcher.

Slipknot announces Craig Jones' departure.

Slipknot – Death March (Music Video)

The Enigma of ‘Death March’

The song itself, if it can be classified as such, is an atmospheric instrumental piece that seems to be an extension of “Adderall,” the intro track from “The End, So Far.” It’s a haunting soundscape that, while lacking in traditional song structure, sets a chilling tone that’s hard to shake off. The video for “Death March” is a masterclass in creepiness, featuring mannequins of each band member that meet a violent end. It’s a visual spectacle that leaves you feeling unsettled, yet unable to look away. The symbolism is open to interpretation, but it’s clear that Slipknot is making a statement.

Slipknot – The End, So Far


New Faces, New Mysteries

Adding to the intrigue is the introduction of a new, unidentified member. The band’s Instagram post, featuring a photo of the new member in a disturbing mask, has sparked a flurry of speculation among fans. Who is this new member, and what will they bring to the band’s sound?

Personal Changes and Challenges

The band is also experiencing significant personal challenges. Percussionist Clown is currently sitting out on the tour to attend to his wife’s health issues, a decision that underscores the band members’ commitment to their families amidst their demanding careers. Sid Wilson, the band’s turntablist, recently welcomed a baby with Kelly Osbourne, adding another layer of personal evolution to the band’s narrative.

Jay’s New Mask is Freakishly Good!

All I can say is – Oh. My. God!


Despite the confusion and uncertainty surrounding “Death March” and the recent changes within the band, one thing is clear: I’m all in for this wild ride. As a long-time Slipknot fan, it’s fascinating to witness the band’s evolution. They continue to push boundaries, maintain their mystery, and, most importantly, hold their position at the top of the metal world.

Whatever comes next, I’ll be eagerly waiting.

Slipknot Tour Dates

JUN 10, 2023Greenfield FestivalInterlakenSwitzerland
JUN 11, 2023Download FestivalCastle DoningtonUK
JUN 13, 2023Ziggo DomeAmsterdamNetherlands
JUN 14, 2023RockhalEsch-sur-AlzetteLuxembourg
JUN 16, 2023CopenhellCopenhagenDenmark
JUN 17, 2023Graspop Metal MeetingDesselBelgium
JUN 18, 2023Hellfest Open Air FestivalClissonFrance
JUN 20, 2023Barclays ArenaHamburgGermany
JUN 21, 2023Mercedes-Benz ArenaBerlinGermany
JUN 24, 2023KönigsplatzMunichGermany
JUN 25, 2023KNOTFEST ItalyBolognaItaly
JUN 27, 2023Arena of NîmesNîmesFrance
JUN 29, 2023Evil Live FestivalLisbonPortugal
JUN 30, 2023Resurrection FestViveiroSpain
JUL 14, 2023Rock FestCadott, WIUSA
JUL 16, 2023Inkcarceration FestivalMansfield, OHUSA
SEP 8, 2023Blue Ridge Rock Festival 2023Alton, VAUSA
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