Metallica: The Amsterdam Sessions (Amazon Music Presents) (Album Review)

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Fresh off the heels of their introspective 12th studio album, “72 Seasons,” Metallica returns with “The Amsterdam Sessions (Amazon Music Presents),” a collection of four live tracks that breathe new life into some of their most beloved songs. The album was released today, June 14, exclusively on Amazon.

The album kicks off with “Lux Æterna,” a track that previously saw Hetfield recycling lyrics from their debut album, “Kill ‘Em All.” The live version captures the raw energy of their early days, reminding us of the reckless beginnings that Metallica reminisced about in “72 Seasons.”

Next up is “Master of Puppets,” a classic that needs no introduction. The live rendition is a testament to Metallica’s enduring legacy, showcasing their ability to deliver heavy riffs and intricate compositions even in a live setting.

If Darkness Had a Son” follows, a track that further illustrates Hetfield’s vulnerability, possibly reflecting his real-life struggles with addiction and the dissolution of his 25-year marriage. The live version brings a new level of raw emotion, making it a standout in this collection.

The album concludes with “Nothing Else Matters,” a poignant exploration of the human experience. The live version of this track is a love letter to fans, capturing the wisdom gained through life’s trials.

“The Amsterdam Sessions (Amazon Music Presents)” is a triumphant testament to Metallica’s enduring legacy and their ability to evolve. It’s a must-listen for any Metallica fan, offering a fresh perspective on some of their most iconic tracks. So crank up the volume, let the riffs wash over you, and join Metallica on this face-melting journey through their live performances.

You can listen to the album exclusively on Amazon.



It’s great to see the Mighty Metallica still going strong after all these years. The Amsterdam Sessions is definitely worth a listen for new and old fans alike.

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