EBL 6-in-1 Desktop Charger Review: Your Desk’s Compact Power Companion

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EBL 6-in-1 Desktop Charger

You might not think of a charging station as a game-changer until you find yourself juggling a handful of different chargers for your tech arsenal. The EBL 6-in-1 Desktop Charger arrived on my desk promising a solution to that very chaos. Courtesy of EBL, this multiport charger was sent my way for an honest review. While this isn’t a paid review, it’s an exploration of how this compact device can handle the charging demands of modern gadgets. Spoiler alert: it does a pretty decent job, especially if your desk is starting to resemble a wire jungle.

EBL 6-in-1 Desktop Charger Review

Compact Design, Sturdy Build

A glance at the EBL 6-in-1 Desktop Charger and its compact, sleek design immediately catches the eye. Measuring just 4*1.8*1.4 inches, it’s a small yet robust gadget that won’t demand much real estate on your desk, nightstand, or in your backpack. Despite its diminutive size, it exudes a sense of durability and readiness to endure the daily grind of charging multiple devices.

The lightweight nature combined with a generous 4.9-foot extension cord makes it a handy accessory whether you’re nestled at home or trotting around town. The extension cord, a thoughtful addition indeed, extends a level of flexibility in how and where you use the charging station, making it less of a chore to reach that far-off outlet.

Multiport Charging Galore

The EBL charger isn’t just about looks; it’s a workhorse under the hood. Boasting a variety of ports including two AC ports, two USB-A ports, and two USB-C ports, this gadget is prepped to become your reliable power hub. The ensemble of ports means whether it’s an iPhone, Chromebook, Apple Watch, or AirPods in need of juice, this charger is up for the task.

My personal test with an iPhone 14 Pro, Chromebook, Apple Watch, and AirPods went off without a hitch in terms of connectivity. The additional AC ports are a cherry on top, allowing for powering more traditional appliances or even some small office gadgets. It’s a versatile tool that morphs to your charging needs, cutting down the clutter of multiple chargers and liberating your power outlets.

65W PD Ultra-Fast Charging

Nobody has time to sit around waiting for their phone to charge, and the EBL 6-in-1 Desktop Charger understands the urgency. The 65W PD Ultra-Fast Charging feature came through with flying colors during my test, juicing up my iPhone to about 50% in just around 30 minutes. It’s the kind of speed that comes in clutch when you’re in a hurry to step out and your phone is gasping for battery life.

New GaN Technology

In the heart of the EBL 6-in-1 Desktop Charger lies a new semiconductor material known as GaN (Gallium Nitride), which is a stepping stone to enhanced charging efficiency. This GaN technology, along with a robust chipset, contributes to a 90% increase in charging efficiency as per the product description. Although the technicalities might sound complex, the bottom line is simple: faster, more efficient charging with lesser heat generation.

Universal Compatibility

Compatibility is a big selling point for any charging station, and the EBL charger doesn’t disappoint. It’s designed to play well with a variety of devices. From smartphones and tablets to laptops and game consoles, this charger is ready to accommodate. During my time with it, I tested a slew of devices including an iPhone 14 Pro, Chromebook, Apple Watch, and AirPods. The connectivity was seamless, and there were no hitches whatsoever, making the charging process a breeze.

Heat Management

A common concern with multiport chargers is the heat generation, especially when multiple devices are plugged in. However, the EBL 6-in-1 Desktop Charger managed to keep its cool even with multiple devices on the charging dock. This is an essential feature as excessive heat can be detrimental to both the charger and the devices connected to it.

User-Friendly and Straightforward

Despite its plethora of features, the EBL charger remains user-friendly and straightforward to use. Even if you’re not particularly tech-savvy, getting your devices charged is a simple plug-and-play affair. There’s no complex setup or a steep learning curve involved, making it a hassle-free addition to your tech setup.

Value for Money

With a regular list price of $49.99, the EBL charger sits on the higher end of the price spectrum for desktop chargers. However, the current discount price of $39.99 on Amazon makes it a more attractive proposition. When you factor in the versatility, the range of ports, and the fast charging capability, it does offer good value for the money. However, the value proposition is certainly sweetened with the ongoing discount.

EBL 6-in-1 Desktop Charger

Tony Simons

Design & Build Quality
Charging Efficiency
Heat Management
Ease of Use
Value for Money (At Discounted Price)


The EBL 6-in-1 Desktop Charger is a solid investment for anyone in need of a multiport charging solution. While the regular price is a bit steep, the discounted price on Amazon certainly makes it a worthy consideration.

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