The Top 5 Affordable Mechanical Keyboards on Amazon in 2023

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Looking to ditch the mushy membrane and level up your typing game? Buckle up, budget-minded tech warriors, because we’re diving deep into the world of affordable mechanical keyboards. Forget breaking the bank—these bad boys deliver satisfying clicks and clacks without leaving your wallet whimpering. So, whether you’re a productivity pro or a weekend gaming warrior, prepare to unleash your inner keyboard maestro with these top 5 picks from Amazon:

The Best Affordable Mechanical Keyboards of 2023

1. The Compact Contender: Keychron K2

  • Price: $80
  • Features: 87-key ten-keyless layout, hot-swappable switches (choose your own!), multiple backlighting modes, sturdy aluminum construction, Mac and Windows compatibility.
  • Pros: Compact and portable, versatile switch options, great typing experience, excellent build quality.
  • Cons: No dedicated volume control; not ideal for gamers who need the full keyboard layout.

Keychron K2


This ten-keyless wonder packs a punch. The K2 boasts hot-swappable switches, letting you customize your typing experience on a whim (clicky blues, smooth silents—the choice is yours!). Plus, its sturdy aluminum build and Mac/Windows compatibility make it a versatile champ.

2. The RGB Budget King: Redragon K530 Pro

  • Price: $60
  • Features: Full-size layout, Outemu Blue switches (clicky and tactile), per-key RGB backlighting, dedicated media controls, water-resistant design.
  • Pros: Affordable, bright RGB lighting, satisfying clicky switches, good value for the price.
  • Cons: Outemu switches may not be as smooth as some other brands, and the plastic construction feels less premium.

Redragon K530 Pro


RGB on a budget? Say hello to the K530 Pro. This full-size keyboard explodes with per-key lighting, while its Outemu Blue switches deliver a satisfying click with every keystroke. Bonus points for dedicated media controls and water resistance: spill the coffee, not the tears!

3. The Mini Marvel: RK Royal Kludge RK61

  • Price: $63
  • Features: 61-key, 60% layout, Gateron optical switches (fast and responsive), Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, multiple backlighting modes, hot-swappable switches.
  • Pros: Ultra-compact and portable; Bluetooth connectivity for wireless freedom; hot-swappable switches for customization; decent typing experience.
  • Cons: The small layout may take some getting used to; there are no dedicated arrow keys, which is not ideal for heavy typing.

RK Royal Kludge RK61


Embrace the minimalist life with the RK61. This 60% keyboard packs all the essentials in a tiny footprint, perfect for desktop real estate warriors. Gateron optical switches provide lightning-fast response, and Bluetooth 5.0 lets you wirelessly conquer your tasks. Just don’t blame us if you start hoarding desk space for extra snacks.

4. The Silent Secret: Epomaker TH66

  • Price: $90
  • Features: 66-key layout with arrow cluster, Kailh Box White switches (tactile and silent), dual-mode connectivity (wired and Bluetooth), hot-swappable switches, multiple backlighting modes.
  • Pros: Compact layout with dedicated arrow keys; silent switches for noise-free typing; hot-swappable for customization; dual-mode connectivity for flexibility.
  • Cons: More expensive than some options; Kailh Box White switches may be too loud for some users; plastic construction feels less premium.

Epomaker TH66


Shhh, the TH66 is on a stealth mission. Its Kailh Box White switches deliver a tactile bump without the racket, making it a dream for late-night coding sessions or noise-sensitive environments. Hot-swappable switches and dual-mode connectivity (wired and Bluetooth) add to its versatility, making it the ultimate undercover agent for your fingers.

5. The Value Champion: Tecware Phantom Elite TKL

  • Price: $80
  • Features: 87-key ten-keyless layout, Outemu Brown switches (tactile and quiet), RGB backlighting, dedicated media controls, water-resistant design.
  • Pros: Affordable, decent typing experience, good value for the price, water-resistant design for peace of mind.
  • Cons: Outemu switches may not be as smooth as some other brands, and RGB lighting options are limited.

Tecware Phantom Elite TKL


The Phantom Elite TKL punches above its weight when it comes to value. Outemu Brown switches offer a satisfying bump without the din, while RGB backlighting adds a touch of flair. Plus, dedicated media controls and water resistance make it a practical pick for everyday use. Just don’t expect a symphony of lighting options – it keeps things simple and sweet.

Bonus Round: Buyer’s Guide for Budget Keyboard Warriors

Before you click that “Buy Now” button, consider these key factors:

  • Switch Types: Clicky, tactile, or silent—choose your weapon! Each switch type offers a unique typing experience.
  • Keyboard Layout: Tenkeyless, 60%, full-size—pick the layout that fits your desk and typing style.
  • Features: Hot-swappable switches, backlighting, dedicated media controls—prioritize features that enhance your workflow.

Remember these tips when you’re hunting for affordable mechanical keyboards: Research, read reviews, and most importantly, listen to the clicks of your heart (and fingers).

Happy typing, budget keyboard warriors!

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