PS5 Hits 50 Million Sales: Can GTA 6 Finally Lure This PC Gamer Off the Keyboard?

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Sony’s PlayStation 5 just crossed a major milestone: 50 million units sold! That’s impressive growth, especially considering the supply chain woes that plagued it in its early days. But for me, a diehard PC gamer, the news raises an interesting question: will Grand Theft Auto 6, rumored to be a PS5 console exclusive at launch, be enough to finally tempt me into the PlayStation fold?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m thrilled for PlayStation fans. Reaching 50 million sales signifies a console truly hitting its stride. The PS5 boasts stunning visuals, innovative DualSense controller features, and a growing library of exclusives like Horizon: Forbidden West and the upcoming God of War: Ragnarok.

But as a PC gamer, my rig hums with the latest hardware, mods galore, and the freedom of keyboard-and-mouse controls. It’s my comfort zone, and frankly, Rockstar Games’ last console-exclusive GTA, Red Dead Redemption 2, while a masterpiece, left me pining for that sweet PC port (which thankfully arrived later).

GTA 6: The Potential Shift in the Force

Enter GTA 6. It’s not coming out until 2025, possibly as a console exclusive at launch. This, for a series-obsessed fan like me, is a tempting siren song. The neon-drenched cityscapes, the intricate heist planning, the chaotic online shenanigans—I crave it all.

But would I, a keyboard warrior through and through, be willing to switch sides for Grand Theft Auto? It’s a tough call. The allure of experiencing GTA 6 from day one, of diving into a PS5 community buzzing with excitement, is undeniably strong.

While I haven’t copped a PS5 just yet, GTA 6’s potential exclusivity throws a wrench into my PC-only plans. Rockstar’s track record of eventually bringing their masterpieces to PC keeps me hopeful, but the prospect of an extended wait stings.

So, Sony, Rockstar, consider this an open letter: if GTA 6 truly is a console launch exclusive, make it so good, so groundbreaking, that even a dyed-in-the-wool PC gamer like me can’t resist the siren song of the PlayStation. The fate of my wallet and that of countless others like me hangs in the balance.

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