Two iOS 17.3 Features Confirmed for Upcoming iPhone Software Update

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Hold onto your hats, iPhone users, because iOS 17.3 is packing some heat. While a release date still dances just out of reach, the early beta has already unveiled two features that promise to enhance both security and sonic entertainment. So, let’s dive into two of the new iOS 17.3 features that await in this upcoming update:

No More Shoulder Surfing: Your Passcode Just Got Tougher

Remember those terrifying headlines about thieves snatching glances at your passcode in crowded bars? Apple heard you loud and clear. Enter Stolen Device Protection, a game-changer for safeguarding your digital life. This ingenious feature adds an extra layer of security by requiring Face ID or Touch ID authentication for several critical actions, even if someone knows your passcode.

Say goodbye to worries about thieves resetting your Apple ID password, disabling Find My, or accessing your iCloud Keychain treasure trove. Stolen Device Protection steps in for these sensitive actions, demanding biometric verification. Even for actions like applying for a new Apple Card or erasing your device, passcode alone won’t cut it.


But Apple takes it a step further. For ultra-sensitive tasks like changing your Apple ID password, you’ll encounter a one-hour security delay after biometric authentication. Imagine it as a built-in pause button, giving you time to cool down and double-check if anything fishy is going on. And don’t worry, this delay only applies outside your familiar locations like home or work, so it won’t slow you down in your daily routine.

This opt-in feature nestled under Face ID & Passcode settings empowers you to take control of your security. With Stolen Device Protection, peace of mind just got a significant upgrade.

Music Mania: Groove Together with Collaborative Playlists

Get ready to crank up the volume and gather your music-loving posse, because Apple Music Collaborative Playlists are making a triumphant return in iOS 17.3! Remember how this feature tantalized us in early iOS 17.2 betas only to vanish before release? Well, fret no more. It’s back and better than ever, promising shared sonic adventures in 2024.

Imagine crafting the perfect playlist with your friends, each adding their favorite tunes, rearranging the order, and even leaving playful emoji reactions on specific songs. It’s like a virtual DJ booth where everyone gets to spin the tracks and create a dynamic, ever-evolving soundscape. This interactive playlist experience brings a whole new level of social sharing and music discovery to Apple Music.

So, gather your music-loving crew, prepare your emoji arsenal, and get ready to unleash your inner curator. Collaborative Playlists are poised to transform your listening experience, injecting a dose of shared joy and musical mayhem into your playlists.

iOS 17.3: More Than Meets the Eye

While these two features take center stage, remember that iOS 17.3 likely holds more surprises in store. Apple has a knack for tucking away hidden gems and performance improvements within its updates. So, keep your eyes peeled and your update button ready, because iOS 17.3 promises to be a worthwhile adventure for your iPhone.

Ready to level up your iPhone experience? Stay tuned for the official iOS 17.3 release, and in the meantime, let the anticipation (and maybe some pre-playlist brainstorming) commence!

Don’t forget to share your thoughts on these exciting features in the comments below!

For more info, head over to Apple’s official beta release notes page.

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