Crown Royal Whisky and Cola Ready-to-Drink Review: Yep, it’s Exactly What it Sounds Like

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Crown Royal Whisky and Cola Ready-to-Drink

New Year’s Eve, confetti falling, good company—all you need is the perfect drink to toast the occasion. But what if you’re short on time (or bartending skills)? Enter Crown Royal Whisky and Cola Ready-to-Drink in a Can, the pre-mixed convenience champion, promising bubbly celebration in bite-sized aluminum armor.

Crown Royal Whisky and Cola Ready-to-Drink Review

Crown Royal Whisky and Cola Ready-to-Drink Can

First Sip Verdict

Familiar cola sweetness kicks things off—not quite Coca-Cola classic, but a decent approximation. Then, a whisper of Crown whisky peeks through, polite and present but lacking the full-bodied embrace of a neat pour. Think distant cousin rather than identical twin.

Texture Talk

Smooth enough to glide; no sandpaper sensation here. Thankfully, it avoids the syrupy mess of some pre-mixed concoctions. But let’s not kid ourselves; it’s no handcrafted masterpiece. This is the drive-thru lane of cocktails—convenient, not gourmet.

The Bottom Line

If convenience is your queen and time is your currency, then Crown & Cola in a can might be your knight in shining aluminum. It’s not a masterpiece, but it won’t make you wince either. Think comfortable sweatpants masquerading as cocktail couture.

Here’s the deal

  • Pros: Convenient, portable, and smooth enough to drink without wincing.
  • Cons: Not the full whisky experience; cola flavor leans artificial; lacks the finesse of a proper cocktail.

Crown Royal Whisky and Cola Ready-to-Drink: The Final Verdict

A decent option for casual, low-effort sipping. Not a bad boy, but not James Bond either. More Austin Powers: fun, forgettable, and perfect for a casual gathering where convenience trumps meticulous craftsmanship. Keep it for casual get-togethers or situations where a real bar is a distant dream. For whisky connoisseurs or cocktail purists, steer clear. You deserve the real deal.

Pro Tip: Chill it well. A cold can mask the artificial notes a bit better.

Where to Buy

Craving a pre-mixed Crown & Cola fix? You’re in luck! These aluminum knights are widely available, lurking in the aisles of major grocery stores, liquor stores, and even some online retailers. Price-wise, expect to pay around $12–$15 for a 4-pack of 12 oz cans. Not bad for a taste of convenience, though remember, real Crown and Coke never goes out of style (and might be cheaper depending on your mixing skills). They also make Peach Tea and Washington Apple variants of the ready-to-drinks, but I’ve not tried those yet. If you have, let me know what you think in the comments.


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