iwantit AirTag Wallet Review: At Least I Can Find My Wallet Now, When I Lose It!

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iwantit AirTag Wallet Review

Hey, fellow adventurers and gadget geeks! Remember the heart-stopping panic of a misplaced wallet? Gone are those days (hopefully) thanks to the ingenious invention of AirTags. And with the rise of these handy trackers, a new breed of wallets has emerged, promising seamless integration and peace of mind. Today, I’m putting one such champion, the iwantit Airtag Wallet for Men, under the microscope. After a month of daily use, let’s see if it truly lives up to its “track-and-chill” reputation.

The iwantit AirTag Wallet: Luxe Leathers and Hidden Treasures


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Unboxing the iwantit felt like receiving a present for myself (thanks, Lauren!). The sleek, carbon-colored leather exterior exudes a polished elegance. It’s a noticeable step up size-wise from my trusty Bemmo, which, while functional, always felt a tad too easy to lose. This, my friends, is a wallet I can keep track of.

One of the first things that struck me was the size. Compared to the minimalist Bemmo, the iwantit is much thicker. But hey, with great tracking comes greater responsibility (read: more stuff). The hidden AirTag pocket seamlessly blends into the design, like a secret agent’s arsenal tucked away neatly. And speaking of secrets, the iwantit has a nifty internal “hidden channel” leading to another pocket behind the AirTag compartment. It’s like a treasure hunt within a wallet, perfect for stashing away extra cash or those embarrassing concert flyers.

Cards Conquered

I’m a card-carrying card carrier (pun intended!). So, the iwantit’s promise of holding up to 14 cards was music to my ears. And true to its word, it did. My ID, credit cards, loyalty cards, and that one library card I haven’t used in 5 years (but can’t bear to part with)—they all found their snug havens within the wallet’s numerous slots. The pull-tab pockets for frequently used cards are a stroke of genius, offering quick access without wallet gymnastics.

Now, let’s talk about the elephant in the (wallet) room—the money clip. I’m a traditionalist when it comes to cash. I like the satisfying slap of bills against leather, the tangible reminder of my financial freedom (or lack thereof). The iwantit’s money clip, while sturdy and secure, takes some getting used to. It feels a bit awkward compared to the familiar fold-and-tuck method. This minor inconvenience did cost the iwantit a point on my “perfect wallet” score sheet.

AirTag Harmony and RFID Repulse

Let’s face it, the main draw of this wallet is the AirTag integration. And guess what? It works like a charm. Pairing the AirTag was a breeze, and the hidden pocket keeps it snug and secure—no accidental ejections on rollercoaster rides! The best part? The signal strength is impeccable. No matter how deep I bury this wallet in my bag, my iPhone can sniff it out like a truffle pig. As someone who’s prone to wallet forgetfulness (don’t judge!), this newfound ability to track down my precious plastic is a game-changer.

Another feather in the iwantit’s cap is its RFID blocking technology. Knowing my financial data is shielded from nefarious scanners gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling inside. It’s like wearing an invisible money vest—stylish and secure.

The iwantit AirTag Wallet: My Final Verdict

iwantit AirTag Wallet

Tony Simons

iwantit AirTag Wallet Review
Ditch the panic; track the treasure! The iwantit Airtag Wallet for Men offers sleek leather elegance, secure AirTag integration, and RFID blocking, making it the perfect companion for tech-savvy adventurers.
Build and design


A stylish and secure upgrade, the iwantit Airtag Wallet delivers peace of mind with flawless tracking and premium features, but the money clip might take some getting used to. 4/5 stars!


So, after almost a month of adventures with the iwantit Airtag Wallet for Men, would I recommend it? In a heartbeat (with the caveat of the money clip)! It’s a premium leather masterpiece that marries style with cutting-edge tech. The AirTag integration is flawless, the RFID blocking is a welcome bonus, and the hidden compartments add a touch of playful mystery. Sure, the size takes some adjusting compared to slimmer wallets, and the money clip is a personal hurdle for me. But peace of mind and tracking magic outweigh these minor niggles.

For anyone looking for a stylish, secure, and tech-savvy wallet, the iwantit is a treasure worth hunting down. Just be prepared to adjust your cash-carrying technique. For me, the iwantit earns a solid 4 out of 5 stars. It’s not perfect, but it’s pretty darn close, and hey, at least I won’t lose it!

IWantIt Leather AirTag Wallet
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