Chex Mix Cheesy Pizza Remix Review: A Classic, Reinvented

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Chex Mix Cheesy Pizza Remix

Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love pizza? Well, turns out, Chex Mix does too! At least, they’ve captured the essence of its cheesy, saucy goodness in their Cheesy Pizza Remix, which I recently discovered to my utter delight (and slight horror at the empty bag when I was done). Never one to keep a delicious secret, I present to you, dear reader, my latest snacking obsession!

What is Chex Mix Cheesy Pizza Remix?

Craving pizza but short on time? Cheesy Pizza Remix delivers the essence of America’s favorite food in a convenient snack mix. This unique blend features four distinct elements: tangy Pizza Sauce Chex, airy Cheese Puffs, savory Pizza Crust Bagel Chips, and aromatic Garlic & Herb Chex. Each piece offers a different taste and texture, creating a multi-sensory experience that satisfies your pizza cravings with every bite.

First Impressions

The moment I tore open the bag, a rich, cheesy aroma teased my senses, setting high expectations. The variety inside looked promising; each piece, from the Pizza Sauce Chex to the Cheese Puffs, brings its own flair to the mix. Each bite was a new experience. The Pizza Sauce Chex had a tangy zing. the Pizza Crust Bagel Chips added a satisfying crunch. And the Cheese Puffs—oh, the Cheese Puffs—were like little clouds of cheesy delight. The Garlic & Herb Chex rounded everything off with a herby punch that kept my hand going back to the bag.

What’s Inside

I appreciate the transparency of the ingredients and nutrition facts. The mix is quite the concoction, from degermed yellow corn meal and whole wheat to a whole parade of flavors like whey powder, cheddar cheese powder, and spices. Each 1/2 cup serving holds 130 calories, which is pretty decent for a snack. And while it’s packed with flavor, those with wheat, milk, or soy sensitivities should take note of the ingredients.

Final Verdict

Chex Mix Cheesy Pizza Remix

Tony Simons

Pizza Flavored Chex Mix Snack
Flavor factor


Say goodbye to boring snacks! Chex Mix Cheesy Pizza Remix bursts with unique textures and bold flavors. Imagine tangy sauce, melty cheese, and satisfying crunch – all in one delicious bite. Trust me, your taste buds will thank you.


So, should you try Chex Mix Cheesy Pizza Remix? If you’re a pizza lover, what’s stopping you? If you’re not a pizza lover, well, I’m just sorry. You’re probably not going to like this one. If you’d like to give it a try for yourself, we got ours from Amazon, but you can likely find it anywhere Chex Mix is sold.

Happy snacking!

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