Android 15 Easter Egg Drops: Is “Vanilla Ice Cream” the Flavor of the Future?

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Android 15 Easter Egg Drops: Is "Vanilla Ice Cream" the Flavor of the Future?

Okay, chocolate lovers might be bummed, but the latest Android 15 Easter Egg, spotted by the folks at Android Police, hints that “Vanilla Ice Cream” is the codename for Google’s next sweet software update. Remember, with each Android version, Google hides a little Easter egg—the latest Android 14 update shows the new codename. While that itself is fun trivia, it gets exciting because these clues also point to an upcoming developer preview drop—maybe any day now!

Android 15 Easter Egg 3

Screenshots via Android Police

What We Know (And Some Guesswork):

  • Coming Soon-ish: Don’t rush to check for updates yet, but the first developer preview of Android 15 could drop literally any day. Usually, this means the full roll-out might arrive around October.
  • Easter Egg Upgrade: While it’s visually simple right now, Google probably has a fun new minigame in the works with this Android 15 Easter Egg (like Android 14’s spaceship game).
  • Features We Need: Tech insiders are spotting hints about possible additions in Android 15. Things like App Pairs (easier multitasking) and even a simplified setup mode for less tech-savvy folks. But what else is on the Android 15 Easter Egg wishlist? Maybe faster battery charging? A built-in way to block spam calls? We can dream a little before the developers reveal all, right?

Why This Matters (Maybe):

  • Early Hype: It’s fun to see what tricks Google bakes into their software with each Android 15 Easter egg. And those developer previews tell us what cool features we might get stuck into later in the year.
  • New Phone Clues: Often, new Android versions mean new Pixel phones from Google are on the horizon! That’s always something to watch out for.

Stay Tuned!

We’ll keep our eyes peeled for that first Android 15 developer preview dropping. I’ll definitely be digging around to see what other tricks they might be hiding. Who knows what other clues about Android 15’s Easter Egg features we might uncover when it arrives?

Anything YOU want to see in Android 15? Share your wishlist in the comments below!

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