Nintendo Switch 2 Leak Suggests Backwards Compatibility AND Game Upgrades?

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Nintendo Switch 2 Leak Suggests Backwards Compatibility AND Game Upgrades?

Hold onto your hats, Nintendo fans! Recent leaks suggest the Nintendo Switch 2 (or whichever name it takes) won’t just play your existing Switch games; it could make them even better! Reliable leakers claim the console will feature backwards compatibility and the ability to upgrade older titles.

Nintendo Switch 2 Backwards Compatibility: Powering Up Your Old Favorites

Over on Twitter, @CentroLeaks shared information from reliable Nintendo insider Universo Nintendo. Among their past accurate predictions were the name of a major Sonic game and recent Nintendo Direct details. Now, they reveal exciting possibilities for the Switch successor.

According to Universo Nintendo (as reported by PH Brazil during a recent episode of the X do Controle podcast), the Switch 2 will allow for physical and digital backward compatibility with your current Switch game library. Additionally, this feature has the potential to do more than simply playing old games. Developers could study previous titles and implement improvements directly on the new console. Imagine your favorite games running smoother or with better graphics!

More Than Rumors

This new leak lines up with past reports of a tech demo allegedly shown at Gamescom last year. In this demo, Breath of the Wild ran noticeably better on the new hardware. Nintendo reportedly dismissed it as merely showcasing the successor’s power, but now it might be a hint of things to come.

When Will We Know More?

If these rumors prove to be true, it won’t be long! Insiders suggest a March reveal is likely for the new console, potentially following a Nintendo Direct showcase this month. A separate Pokemon-focused presentation may also be on the calendar!

As of this post, none of this has been officially confirmed by Nintendo. However, these leaks paint an exciting picture of how your game library could evolve. What Switch games would you most like to see remastered or get a performance boost on this new console? Are you excited for Nintendo Switch 2 backwards compatibility? Let us know in the comments!

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