The Connect Podcast Review: My Latest True Crime Obsession

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The Connect Podcast Review: My Latest True Crime Obsession

If you find yourself drawn to the gritty, unvarnished stories of true crime, Johnny Mitchell‘s podcast, “The Connect,” will quickly become your newest obsession. It pulls back the curtain on the world of organized crime, offering a captivating mix of hair-raising tales and social commentary that will keep you hooked.

Meet Johnny Mitchell: Ex-Criminal, Comedian, and Your Podcast Guide

Johnny Mitchell isn’t your standard podcast host. A former high-level drug trafficker turned comedian, he brings a blend of dark humor and hard-won wisdom to the mic. Mitchell’s openness about his own criminal past, his mistakes, and their repercussions adds authenticity that makes “The Connect” so much more than another true crime show. He’ll make you laugh, think, and be grateful that you’re not in his shoes (or rather, his prison jumpsuit).

The Connect Podcast: Riveting Conversations and Unflinchingly Real Stories

The core strength of “The Connect” is the lineup of guests Mitchell interviews and the conversations they engage in. You’ll encounter former gang members, seasoned criminals, law enforcement professionals, addiction specialists, and more. Each offers a unique perspective on the shadowy corners of society. The podcast doesn’t sugarcoat the lives of criminals; it lays bare the brutal realities, the dysfunctional systems, and the shattering costs of living outside the law.

Here are a few episodes that encapsulate the power of the podcast:

  • LA’s Top Criminal Lawyer Exposes Corrupt Prosecutors & Reveals Why You Should NEVER Talk To The Cops: In this episode, Johnny Mitchell sits down with a top criminal lawyer in Los Angeles for a no-holds-barred conversation about the justice system, prosecutorial misconduct, and why remaining silent can be your best defense.
  • Prison Gang Shot Caller Exposes Secrets Of White Prison Politics, Seeing Shankings, & Bribing Guards: This episode features a former prison gang shot caller who offers a chilling glimpse into the inner workings of white prison gangs, including violence, corruption, and the fight for survival behind bars.
  • Hitman For Bonnano Crime Family Exposes Most Dangerous Mafia Crews In New York City: Dive into the secretive world of the American Mafia with this gripping interview featuring a former member of the notorious Bonanno crime family. Get an insider’s perspective on the Mafia’s hierarchy, illicit operations, and the brutal consequences of a life entangled in organized crime.

The Verdict: The Connect is a Must-Listen for True Crime Fans (With a Strong Stomach)

“The Connect” isn’t a podcast to zone out to. The stories are graphic, often disturbing, and unflinchingly real. This rawness forms the core of its power. Mitchell’s podcast delivers an essential counterbalance to the often glamorized portrayal of criminal life. It’s an exposé on the gritty underbelly of society as well as a stark commentary on the failed War on Drugs. Prepare for intense subject matter, but I guarantee you’ll have trouble stopping mid-episode

Recommendation: Dive In with “Kingpin Rick Ross Reveals Secrets Of His Crack Empire, Being USED By The CIA, & His Keys To Success”

If you’re ready to sample “The Connect,” I highly recommend starting with the episode featuring Freeway Rick Ross. This interview with a notorious 1980s cocaine kingpin is a fascinating and disturbing look into the era of ‘crack’ and its devastating impact on communities.

Where to Listen to The Connect Podcast

Happy listening, friends!

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