VOYEE Switch Controller Review: The Flashiest Controller Under $25?

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VOYEE Switch Controller Review: The Flashiest Controller Under $25?

Tired of dull 3rd-party controllers that blend into the background? The VOYEE Switch Controller injects color and customizability into your gaming setup, and it does it at a price that’ll make you do a double-take.

This isn’t just another surface-level overview. I’ve tested the VOYEE Switch controller extensively, pushing its buttons, draining its battery, and seeing if those flashy lights actually add anything to the experience. Consider this your in-depth guide to deciding if this budget controller deserves a spot in your setup.

Let’s get after it, shall we?

What is the VOYEE?

VOYEE is a brand focused on creating affordable gaming accessories that don’t skimp on features. They offer a variety of controllers for Switch, PC, and mobile devices, often with a focus on fun visual elements like RGB lighting.

VOYEE Switch Controller Review

Stand-Out Feature: The RGB Lighting

Let’s be honest: the first thing you notice about the VOYEE controller is the lightning bolt RGB design cutting across the front. It’s bold, and it definitely sets this controller apart. But is it all flash and no function?

  • Lighting Modes: You have three main options: static (your choice of color), ‘breathing’ (colors cycle slowly), and strobe (fast color changes, perfect for intense moments). Sadly, you can’t customize the exact colors of the bolt itself.
  • Practical Benefit: In most cases, the RGB is purely for looks. For games where quick button identification matters, it might be a tad distracting. However, if you play a lot of atmospheric games, the color can enhance the mood in a darkened room.
  • Battery Impact: Good news! In my testing, having the lights on didn’t significantly reduce battery life compared to running them off. You still get a solid 10+ hours, even with the RGB blazing.

Whether you love it or find it a bit gimmicky, it comes down to personal preference. If you want your gaming gear to make a statement, the VOYEE delivers. If you’re all about no-nonsense function, the lights are easily turned off.

Pro-Level Gaming – Programmable Buttons & Turbo

Mapping: The Good and the Bad

The VOYEE has two programmable buttons on the back. The process is simple: hold a button down, then the one you want to map it to—that’s it! However, you can only map to face/shoulder buttons, not the sticks or D-pad. This is a limitation for some advanced setups.

Benefits in Games

  • Action Games: Think Bayonetta or Devil May Cry where complex combos are key. Mapping a series of moves to one button saves precious milliseconds.
  • Shooters: Any game with equipment swapping (like Fortnite) benefits. Map ‘weapon 1’ or ‘grenade’ to the back button for those lightning-fast item changes.
  • Accessibility: The buttons can make complex actions easier for those with limited hand mobility.

Turbo: Adjustable Aggression

You get three speeds: 5/12/20 shots per second. This means holding a mapped button performs that action repeatedly, which is great for:

  • Grinding Games: If a game has you mindlessly repeating an action, Turbo does the work for you.
  • Rhythm Games: Get those perfectly timed button presses on higher difficulties.
  • (Use Responsibly) Be aware that the Turbo function can be unfair in online competitive games.

Everyday Use – Battery, Feel, & Compatibility

  • Battery: The Real Deal The advertised 10–15 hours held true for me. Even a few marathon sessions only needed a quick top-up overnight.
  • Feel: Surprisingly Solid This isn’t the most ergonomic controller ever, but the plastic is smooth, and the buttons have a nice clickiness. It feels light, yet not ‘cheap’ light.
  • Compatibility: Mostly a Win It connected flawlessly to my Switch and iPhone via Bluetooth, as promised. On PC (Windows 10), it worked only with a USB-C cable; luckily, there’s one included. Wireless PC gamers, take note.

The Competition

Similar Price Point

  • PowerA Enhanced Wireless Controller: Offers similar battery life and a comfortable feel, but generally lacks the customizable features and RGB pizzazz of the VOYEE.
  • 8Bitdo SN30 Pro+: A critically acclaimed retro-styled controller with extensive customization options. It’s slightly pricier than the VOYEE, but it offers more in terms of precise controls.

Upgraded Options

  • Nintendo Switch Pro Controller: The gold standard of Switch controllers, offering superior build quality, precision controls, and HD rumble. However, it comes with a much higher price tag and no RGB bling.
  • Scuf Envision Pro: The realm of fully customizable pro controllers, with adjustable triggers, paddles, and more. You get exceptional performance, but you’ll have to pay a hefty premium for it.

How VOYEE Stacks Up

The VOYEE’s unique selling point is its mix of fun and functionality at this price. The RGB lighting and programmable buttons, while not perfect, set it apart from more basic budget options.

What You Gain by Spending More

If you’re a hardcore competitive gamer, the precision and build quality of pricier controllers are noticeable gains. For everyone else, it’s a question of how much you value advanced features vs. keeping the cost down.


Who Is The Voyee Switch Controller Perfect For?

  • Budget-Minded Players: If you want a solid Switch controller with some extra flair, the VOYEE is a steal. It won’t break the bank, but it will absolutely enhance your gameplay.
  • Customization Fans: The programmable buttons and turbo function add real flexibility, especially for action and shooter games where timing is everything.
  • Visual Gamers: If your gaming setup is all about vibrant lighting and expressing your style, the VOYEE is a fun way to add a splash of color.

Cautious Recommendations

  • Competitive Precision Junkies: The lack of high-end rumble, adjustable triggers, etc., means super-serious competitive players should look at pricier options.
  • Minimalists: If you find RGB distracting or don’t need the customization, the standard PowerA controllers might be a better fit.

Top 3 Best Features of the VOYEE Switch Controller

  1. RGB lighting for a personalized touch
  2. Programmable buttons and turbo for enhanced gameplay
  3. Long battery life for extended gaming sessions

The Final Verdict: Is It Worth the Price?

Absolutely! For the price, the VOYEE offers a feature set that rivals more expensive controllers. It’s a great choice for budget-minded gamers who want a bit more customization and personality in their Switch setup.

VOYEE Switch Controller

4.2 out of 5
Voyee Switch Controller

The VOYEE Switch controller injects fun and functionality into your gaming setup without breaking the bank. Expect flashy RGB lighting, customizable buttons, and long battery life, all for a price that’s hard to beat.

Design & RGB Lighting
4.1 out of 5
Eye-catching, but some may find it unnecessary.
Performance & Customization
4 out of 5
Turbo and button mapping are great, but limitations exist.
Battery Life
5 out of 5
Solid performance here.
4 out of 5
Works on multiple devices, but PC is wired only.
Build Quality
3.5 out of 5
Feels decent, slightly less sturdy than more expensive controllers.
Value for Price
5 out of 5
The key feature that makes this controller stand out.


Super affordable price

Fun, vibrant RGB lighting

Customizable buttons enhance gameplay

Long-lasting battery

Wide compatibility (Switch, PC, etc.)


Build quality feels slightly less solid than pricier options

RGB lighting may be unnecessary for some

Limited customization options compared to high-end controllers

PC connection is wired only

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