Adderall EP: Slipknot Release Surprise 6-Track Extended Play + New Music Video

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Hello once again, fellow Maggots! What a wild week it’s been for us, as Slipknot fans! Just when you thought things couldn’t get any weirder, the band surprised everyone today by dropping a brand-new six-track release called the ‘Adderall EP’ through Roadrunner Records.

But before we get into the Adderall EP, let’s catch up on the rollercoaster of events from the past week. As Slipknot was gearing up to rock the stage at the Nova Rock Festival in Austria on June 7, they shared some unexpected news. Percussionist Clown announced that he would be taking a break from upcoming shows to take care of his wife, who’s facing some health issues.

As if that wasn’t enough, just moments before their festival performance, Slipknot made another announcement. They revealed that they had parted ways with their longtime keyboardist, Craig Jones. However, shortly after the news spread, the band deleted the statement.

It left fans puzzled, but the mystery didn’t end there.

After their set at the festival, Slipknot shared a rather eerie photo of a mysterious new member, leaving us all wondering who it could be.

The suspense is real!

Slipknot – Death March (Music Video)

But the surprises didn’t stop there. The next day, June 8, Slipknot unleashed an eerie music video for a haunting instrumental track titled “Death March.” In the video, each band member was represented by a mannequin. And let me tell you, things got intense as each mannequin’s head was blown off. It definitely sparked a lot of speculation about what this meant for Slipknot’s future.

And now, the moment you’ve been waiting for. We’ve learned that “Death March” is actually the opening track on the Adderall EP. This EP includes three different versions of the opening song from their album last year, The End, So Far. It also includes three previously unreleased tracks, ‘Death March‘, ‘Red or Redder’, and ‘Hard to Be Here‘.

Interesting, right?

Slipknot – Adderall – Rough Demo (Music Video)

Here’s something curious: Slipknot shared a music video on their YouTube channel titled “Memories (Adderall – Rough Demo).” However, the word “Memories” doesn’t appear in track listings elsewhere. Clown himself left a comment on the music video, saying, “Deconstructing to continuously pave the way for evolution. At this point in the program, nothing is safe.” It looks like Slipknot is keeping us on our toes!

Speaking of surprises, what’s truly unexpected is that Slipknot released this EP through Roadrunner Records, their longtime label home. After they released The End, So Far, they seemed eager to part ways with the label. It’s worth noting that their previously released song “Bone Church,” which came out earlier this year and is not part of the EP, was also released via Roadrunner.

Now that I’ve covered all the twists and turns, it’s time for you to check out the Adderall EP. Scroll down to check out the track listing and artwork.

Oh, and if you’re itching to catch Slipknot live, head over to their website to see their upcoming shows and grab your tickets.

Alright, enough talking. Give the Adderall EP a listen and let me know what you think in the comments!

Slipknot, ‘Adderall’ EP (Roadrunner Records)

  1. “Death March”
  2. “Adderall” (No Intro)
  3. “Adderall” (Rough Demo)
  4. “Red or Redder”
  5. “Adderall” (Instrumental)
  6. “Hard to Be Here”
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