Madden 24 Charges onto Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Just in Time for Super Bowl LVIII

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Madden 24 Charges onto Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Just in Time for Super Bowl LVIII

Heads up, Xbox Nation! Get ready to dive into the digital arena faster than a pick-six because Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is about to level up with a fresh batch of titles, including Madden 24! But before we break out the victory dance, let’s pay respects to a couple of legends leaving the service soon (we’ll miss you, Opus and Galactic Civilizations!).

Now, onto the glorious smorgasbord of February additions! Buckle up, because we’ve got gridiron glory, brain-bending puzzles, restaurant pandemonium, and even…wait for it…plate-flipping fun! Let’s break it down one-by-one:

Madden 24

(Available Feb. 8th)

This one’s got me hyped like a pre-game locker room. Super Bowl Sunday is right around the corner, and what better way to celebrate than by dominating the virtual gridiron with Madden 24? They’ve even added new passing mechanics, including jump and dive passes, to up your quarterback game. Plus, an expanded playbook with over 700 new formations and 500 plays means you can outsmart your opponents like a chess master. So, even if your real-life team isn’t vying for the Lombardi Trophy, you can still claim victory in the digital realm. Trust me, this is one touchdown you don’t wanna miss.

Train Sim World 4

(Available Now)

Unleash your inner conductor and explore meticulously recreated routes across the globe in this train enthusiast’s dream. Master locomotives, battle dynamic weather, and enjoy the freedom of Free Roam for the ultimate railway adventure.

Resident Evil 3

(Available Feb. 13th)

Prepare to be spooked (and maybe a little bit thrilled) as the chilling remake of Resident Evil 3 returns. Step back into Jill Valentine’s shoes, outsmart the relentless Nemesis, and relive the award-winning terror in all its glory.

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night

(Available Feb. 14th)

Castlevania mastermind Koji Igarashi brings his magic touch to this Metroidvania gem. Explore a sprawling gothic castle, vanquish demons with diverse combat styles, and rediscover the joy of classic exploration-driven adventures.

A Little to the Left

(Available Feb. 15th)

Need a break from the action? A Little to the Left offers a zen-like puzzle experience where you organize documents, sort postcards, and find serenity in perfect alignment. It’s the perfect antidote to gaming chaos.


(Available Feb. 15th)

Channel your inner Gordon Ramsay (minus the shouting, hopefully) in this zany cooking game. Design your dream restaurant, manage staff, cook up culinary delights, and experience the frantic fun (and occasional meltdowns) of the restaurant business. Seriously, how epic is it to juggle ingredients and satisfy hungry customers?

Return to Grace

(Available Feb. 20th)

Sci-fi fans, this one’s for you! Embark on a cosmic quest as a space archaeologist in Return to Grace. Unearth the secrets of an ancient AI god, befriend its fragmented parts, and unravel the mysteries of its past.

This is just a taste of the gigantic gaming library waiting for you on Game Pass Ultimate. With new titles added regularly and exclusive deals on non-Game Pass games, it’s a gamer’s paradise for just $17 a month. And you can even try it out right now for a month for just $1. So, grab your controller, choose your adventure, and get ready to level up your gaming experience!

And if you’re a Backbone owner, remember that Game Pass Ultimate is compatible, so that means you can take these games with you literally anywhere with your phone or other mobile devices.

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