OREO Space Dunk Cookies Review: The Best OREOs Ever Made?

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OREO Space Dunk Review: Oh, No, They Didn't! (Oh, Yes, They Did!)

Oh, No, They Didn’t! (Oh, Yes, They Did!)

Buckle up, cookie lovers, because sleep can wait! Tonight, I’m taking you on a cosmic journey with the new OREO Space Dunk cookies, and let me tell you, they’re a flavor explosion that’ll launch your taste buds to a new dimension. As an Oreo devotee (yes, I admit it!), I’ve tried them all, but Space Dunks are truly out-of-this-world. So ditch the bedtime story and grab a pack, because this review is about to blast off!

First, a huge shoutout to my amazing fiancé, Lauren. She’s got the eagle eye for grocery finds, and this time, she unearthed a hidden treasure: Space Dunks! Now, I’m not a Double Stuff fan—too much creme, you know?—but any other Oreo is fair game. So, imagine my surprise when I bit into these beauties.

The first clue? A vibrant pink and blue creme filling that looked like a nebula in a cookie. Fancy, I thought, but that’s probably where the fun ends. Oh, how wrong I was! The moment the cookie hit my tongue, it came alive with…pops? Fizzing? Could it be…? POP ROCKS?! My mind was officially blown. Who reads labels when there are cookies to conquer, right?

The surprises didn’t stop there, either. The creme, a delightful marshmallow cloud, added a sweetness that perfectly balanced the pops. And the cookies themselves? Adorned with the classic Oreo logo, sure, but also sporting five intergalactic designs: telescopes, astronauts, shooting stars, and telescopes! The perfect touch to finish things off.

Describing these cookies as “amazing” just doesn’t cut it. They’re a textural and flavor adventure, a party for your taste buds, and a testament to Oreo’s genius. If you even remotely like the original, Space Dunks will send you over the moon. Trust me, I’m a connoisseur.

So, ditch the sleep mask and grab a pack (or two) on Amazon! Dunk them in milk, crumble them over ice cream, or savor them solo – no matter how you choose to indulge, these cookies are a guaranteed stellar snack. Blast off on your own Space Dunk adventure, and let me know what you think!

OREO Space Dunk Cookies: The Final Verdict

OREO Space Dunk Cookies

4.5 out of 5
OREO Space Dunk Product Image

Blast off on a flavor adventure with limited-edition Space Dunk Oreos! Pop Rocks-infused marshmallow creme bursts in your mouth, nestled between classic chocolate cookies adorned with galactic designs.

5 out of 5
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
3 out of 5


Perfect cream-to-cookie ratio

Super tasty!



Might be too sweet for some folks

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