What’s New in iOS 17.2 Beta 4?

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iOS 17.2 Beta 4

Apple is gearing up to release iOS 17.2 in December. As the beta testing phase nears its end, the development team keeps refining features and adding new ones. This article explores everything new in iOS 17.2 Beta 4, from customizing notification sounds to changes in AppleCare settings. Let’s get after it, shall we?

Customize Default Notification Sounds

iOS 17.2 Beta 4 introduces a new section: “Default Alerts” under Sounds & Haptics. Users now have the option to choose notification sounds for all incoming notifications, excluding texts, mail alerts, and calendar alerts, which already had customization options. Choose from various text tones as your default notification sound. Additionally, users can adjust the haptic vibration for default notifications, providing more control over the device’s alert settings.

Farewell Collaborative Apple Music Playlists

Earlier iOS 17.2 versions introduced collaborative Apple Music playlists, but they have been removed in the fourth beta, suggesting their exclusion from the final release.

AppleCare & Warranty Settings

Under Settings > General, “Coverage” is now “AppleCare & Warranty.” This section still offers information about AppleCare coverage for iPhones and connected devices, including the Apple Watch and AirPods. Additionally, a new “Warranty” section under General > About provides coverage details specifically for iPhones.

External Device Recording

iOS 17.2 now enables users of iPhone 15 Pro models to record ProRes video directly to an external device. However, a pop-up message in this beta version alerts users when external recording isn’t functional due to a slow USB-C cable. This alert keeps users aware of any cable write-speed limitations, enhancing the recording experience.

Changes in iTunes

Code within iOS 17.2 suggests Apple plans to eliminate purchasing TV shows and movies in the iTunes app. In the future, users will need to buy or rent TV shows and locate their purchases in the Apple TV app.


With iOS 17.2 Beta 4, Apple continues refining its mobile operating system, offering users more customization options and improved external recording capabilities. It also provides a preview of future changes to media purchasing. As we eagerly await the official release of iOS 17.2 in December, it’s clear that Apple is committed to enhancing the user experience and remaining at the forefront of mobile technology.

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Download iOS 17.2 Beta 4 by clicking this link.

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